Spanish + Football training

Spain is in a privileged position when it comes to this sport since the world’s most competitive football league is played here. There is a passionate and historical tradition for football in our country where Grassroot football –amateur football for training children –is taught with extraordinary quality and great competitiveness by the best coaches available worldwide.
Spanish + Football training 0
Spanish + Football training 1
This is why AIP offers international agencies the possibility to bring groups of kids and teenagers to learn the basic techniques of football from a carefully selected group of trainers and coaches.  Likewise, we work hard to provide training to the participants in Spanish language during their stay with us.
The length of the program may vary: from several weeks during the summer season to yearly courses where participants engage in weekly competitions against other Valencia teams.
On the other hand, besides properly learning Spanish language and culture, we offer participants plenty of cultural and leisure activities. These can range from going to Valencia CF training sessions, football matches, excursions to the main tourist destinations in our community, etc.
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Spanish + Football training 3
We have had previous experiences with kids who have attended this training program and are currently competing in first division teams in their country. This is an excellent opportunity for the participants not only to learn of the sport they are passionate about, but to offer them a lifetime experience that will allow them to be a better person where education, transmitting and forming values ​​such as friendship, self-esteem, tolerance, teamwork, fair play, competitiveness, leadershipwill be key for their personal development. Resolving technical and tactical situations; emphasizing the importance of decision-making in sports, thus contributing to their maturity and personal autonomy a part from acquiring Spanish language and culture.