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Did you know that…

 39% of our students are older than 30?

10% of them are over 50? ​

Being over 50 when learning Spanish has its benefits:

  • you pay more attention in class
  • you are highly motivated
  • you work better and harder
  • and you also have far more resources to thrive when learning a foreing language.

All these elements, plus the experience gained with age,  help our over 50 Spanish students to become the perfect fit for Spanish lessons with students of other ages. 

In addition, the inclusive approach we use in our Spanish classes ignites an enrichening space where learning Spanish becomes a much more interesting experience.

Here’s the thing. No matter how old our students are, they all have something in common:  every single one of them wants to learn Spanish. 

Taking that lead, we make a huge effort to create a safe and unique learning environment, where learning Spanish is not just an academic experience.

If you are over 50 and want to learn Spanish, being with students of different ages and cultures fosters a very atractive context, where Spanish lessons can be taken to a whole new level.


Choosing AIP Language Institute for your Spanish course for over 50’s has plenty of advantages. One of the main ones is that we are based in the amazing city of Valencia.

This ‘perfect-sized’ city of the Mediterranean coast is the perfect setting to make the most out of learning Spanish. 

Our activities program has been designed to offer  a huge variety of plans that not only our over 50 students, but also the younger ones will love. 

Valencia has a wide cultural offer, a beautiful historical center to get lost around, beaches to be enjoyed all year round as thye are just a few minutes away the city center an incredible buildings with centuries of history.


The best way to learn Spanish for over 50 students

Small groups

We always work with small groups as it is the only way to provide the best learning experience possible. In addition, you will be with other students of over 50 so as to create the right atmosphere.


Every student is different, and our needs keep changing through the different stages of life, so we customize our Spanish lessons so that they always adapt to the learning approach of our students.


You never learn alone when taking our Spanish course for over 50's in Valencia. Our lessons follow a collaborative plan and our teachers work closely with the group and each individual making sure no one gets left behind.


This is completely up to you. Our Spanish course for over 50’s in Valencia can last just one week or as many as you want.

A week of classes consists of 20 lessons of 50 minutes each, taking place in the mornings from Monday to Friday.

The structure and organization of this Spanish course for students over 50 is aimed at providing a calm and enriching learning experience. There is no rush, and there are no deadlines so we really focus on you enjoying learning Spanish.

Needless to say, that if you are planning on taking a test or something similar, we will be more than happy to help.

This is the right choice of course for those students over 50 who want to learn Spanish but also want to have an authentic immersion experience in Spain. Choosing AIP Language Institute also means coming all the way to the Mediterranean city of Valencia, where you will be able to enjoy the mild climate and the peaceful and beautiful walks along the beach.

Click on the following link to find all the information about the pricing of our courses.

You can begin the course any Monday of the year, except for holidays or if you are an Absolute Beginner. If this is your case, the courses have specific starting dates. Find out when these are in the section ‘Starting Dates’.

We put together a brand new activities list every week. With our activities you will be able to meet other people of different ages and nationalities, while you also discover the charming city of Valencia.


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